About the designer

I was born into a family of creatives; musicians, singers, dancers, designers, artists, and travelers. I have lived in different regions in both India and America and I draw my inspiration from my rich cultural background.
I am influenced greatly by my passion for keeping my body clean and wholesome. I follow a plant based diet and I’m a dedicated yoga practitioner. My extended practice has guided me to explore hidden dimensions within, bringing awareness to my body, mind, and soul, as living art.
My designs come from a place of living life as art, as I am moved by the innate wildness within and around me.
I travel as a business entrepreneur, jewelry designer, yogini, and a performing artist as a member of the Kirtaniya band. www.Kirtaniyas.com
From these spaces my creativity flows.
With love,
Jamuna Sheth
Founder & Designer of Jamunalaluna



If you have any questions, please call or send me an email here:
352 .240.4286